Online Life Drawing Classes






Join us from the comfort of your home for our unique online life drawing events that inspire creativity and wellbeing. You don't need any experience, just bring yourself, paper, something to draw with and a glass of wine or maybe two.










Our life drawing expert, model and host Graham isn’t just a pretty face, he will use his fine art degree and years of experience of hosting nude life drawing events to create the perfect party atmosphere for you and your friends.






Choose A Theme





Before your class begins, choose a theme or if you prefer we can choose one for you; we will use a random trivia generator to create a set of questions that will really get your brains ticking and those drinks flowing. From Harry Potter, the 80's music and the arts to general knowledge and everything in between, your quiz can be tailored to suit you.






Your model host will then go through each question and you’ll submit your answers, at the end of the quiz, the winner will be revealed, and forfeits will be taken by the losers, so have your shots ready!













And Now... The Nude Life Drawing Begins...






Your virtual life drawing session will create a totally unique and memorable experience for you and all your friends. The first stage of this session kicks off with 4 fun and hilarious drawing exercises to get those creative juices flowing (keep those wine glasses topped too, it helps!)






The final activity of your virtual life drawing session ends when you create your own masterpiece and a chance to win the PPP (perfect penis picture) competition and earn bragging rights for the rest of the evening!






Please check out our Instagram and Facebook page's via our home page to see how much fun our virtual life drawing events really are!






The event lasts for one hour and costs just £10 per person. The bride/birthday girl/organiser goes free. We just request a min of 5 paying people or the equivalent cost for groups smaller. All you need is paper, pencils (or charcoal) and alcohol!






To book your class or find out more get in touch today!




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